China Young (’93 Fashion Design) Reimagines Dubbel Duffel

China Young Dubbel Duffel“After coming across a bag by a defunct ’70s company in a Brooklyn vintage store, accessories designer China Young (’93 Fashion Design) set out to reengineer the Dubbel Duffel‘s multipurpose charm to high fashion and quality standards. Delving into the history, Young found 1970s- and ’80s-era comic ads and a cheeky character that informs the retro spirit of the current line. Keeping the styling and dual-use functionality consistent with the original, he improved the materials and construction to create a roomy, unisex travel solution. The high-contrast colorways and customizable features make for a new classic carryall that’s both utilitarian and fun. The sharp eyes at Opening Ceremony snatched up the Dubbel Duffel for an exclusive limited run…” To continue reading and for more images, visit: