Michelle Andrade (’07 MFA) in Contemporary Artist Coloring Book

Michelle Andrade Coloring Book

Graduate Fine Arts alumna Michelle Andrade (’07) is featured in Between the Lines, a coloring book designed by contemporary artists for RxArt, an organization dedicated to health and art who distributes the books for free to children in hospitals.

“There something about the blank expanses of a coloring book that awakens the inner child in all of us. You can’t help but imagine yourself diving into a box of crayons, itching to transform the black-and-white pages into rainbow works of art.

The sheer joy one can experience in the margins of a coloring book doesn’t have to end with adolescence, though. Thanks to Ai Weiwei, Laurie Simmons, Richard Prince and nearly four dozen other big names in contemporary art, both adults and kids with a penchant for multi-colored markers can have their fun. The outlet? Between the Lines, a coloring book designed entirely by artists…” To continue reading the Huffington Post article and for a preview of the book, click HERE.

To buy the coloring book, visit: http://www.rxart.net/store/the-rxart-coloring-book-volume-iv
For more about the history of the project, visit: http://www.rxart.net/projects/coloring-book-between-the-lines-vol-1