The Hive is now on YouTube!

aArchitecture/Landscape/Interiors Class of 2013 Installation, “The HIVE,” is now on YouTube. See it HERE.





Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Class of 2013 Installation, The HIVE, was a three-dimensional field of 76 hexagonal cells in 4 colors that produced a gradient from east to west. Student work was displayed within the cells.

The HIVE was designed, fabricated, assembled, and installed by 2013 seniors Lori Choi, Jonathan Figueroa, Michelle Han, Catherine Hernandez, Molly Hubley, Hideyo Michael Kameda, Sho Kato, Steven Katz, Dami Kim, Chris Kono, Theresa Lee, Ashley Lim, XinXin Annie Lin, DaiJavette McOvery, Rameel Nissan, Elbert Payra, Stephanie Robbins, Maureen Suryali, Derek Yi, and Rodrigo Zayas.


top: 2013 seniors DaiJavette McOvery and Rameel Nissan in The HIVE
bottom left, left to right: Construction Technician (“contractor” for the project) David Reddy (blue shirt), Classroom Assistant Matthew Gilio-Tenan (on ladder), and 2013 seniors Ashley Lim, Stephanie Robbins, Derek Yi, Chris Kono, and Steven Katz installing The HIVE
bottom right, left to right: 2013 seniors Steven Katz, Lori Choi, Molly Hubley, Derek Yi, Theresa Lee, and Rodrigo Zayas assembling HIVE cells