Barbara Indelicato, Matthew Gilio-Tenan and Justin Buendia Professional Success

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Barbara Indelicato’s, Matthew Gilio-Tenan’s and Justin Buendia’s Professional Success

Barbara Indelicato (13) is a Lighting Designer/Technician at Whisky a Go Go, Hollywood, CA.
After receiving her B.F.A., Barbara returned to Otis to complete several additional courses and earn a Certificate in Lighting Design. Currently she’s designing lighting and producing architectural and lighting plans for Whisky a Go Go. Recently Barbara worked with cinematographer Roy Wagner on the lighting for a live performance by Martha Davis, of The Motels, which will become part of a documentary.

Matthew Gilio-Tenan (07) is a Designer/Project Manager at Cliff Garten Studio, Venice, CA.
After graduating from Otis, Matthew worked for Clive Wilkinson Architects prior to earning a Master of Architecture at UCLA Architecture and Urban Design. Currently Matthew is a Designer/Project Manager at Cliff Garten Studio. He also serves as a Teaching Associate in Architecture/Landscape/Interiors at Otis and is a Project Leader of the Future Bright Collective, a group of designers that produce interactive installations for the public. Most recently, Future Bright Collective created the Desert Expedition Module for the Burning Man 2013 festival.

Justin Buendia (06) is a Designer at Shawn Hausman Design, Los Angeles, CA.
For the past two years, Justin has been traveling back and forth between Los Angeles and New York, working on the renovation of the former Cooper Square Hotel into the new Standard Hotel East Village. Work included remodeling 145 rooms and demolition of the first floor to create the new lobby, the Cafe Standard, the Narcissa restaurant and new ground-level facade. At Shawn Hausmann Design, Justin works on “…everything from surface design, custom millwork, to furniture and lighting design.” – Justin Buendia
Justin also is a member of the Future Bright Collective!

Matthew’s and Justin’s Desert Expedition Module (D.E.M.) is a 25’-tall by 30’-diameter jungle gym. The structure was designed to monitor and react to human interaction. As people explore and climb inside the structure, the lighting changes in response to human touch. The Future Bright Collective received an art grant from the Burning Man Arts Foundation to realize this design.

See installation and deployment of D.E.M. at Burning Man 2013 HERE.
Hear and see Matthew describe the process at 01:24, his birthday party at 01:40, and the interactive lighting effects at 02:45.

left top: Barbara Indelicato photographed at work, at Whisky a Go Go, Los Angeles, January 2014
right top: Barbara Indelicato’s stage lighting for JETBOY at Whisky a Go Go, January 25, 2014
middle: Matthew Gilio-Tenan (left) and Justin Buendia (right) in the D.E.M., at Burning Man 2013
left bottom: custom Corian® sink, independent design project by Matthew Gilio-Tenan
right bottom: dining room of the Narcissa restaurant, interior design by Justin Buendia at Shawn Hausman Design

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