Alumni and Students worked with Instructor, Jean Michel Crettaz, on his ACADIA 2013 project IMUM COELI

Acadia 2013_ IMUM COELI


IC:pendulum.field was produced for and exhibited at the ACADIA 2013 Adaptive Architecture Conference, Waterloo University, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, October 24-26.



Imum Coeli is a systemic work that explores the interplay of the earth’s magnetic, rotational and gravitational forces and encourages a reflection on the technological apparatus required to perceive and experience our world. Imum Coeli (latin: lowest point in the sky) points at the tangent as a conceptual line separating the world and heaven, the tangible from the intangible. Imum Coeli is an apparatus that connects viewers with the transcendence of the energy-fields that encompass our existence, and offers an opportunity to reflect on the nature of entropy and the relation of thought to matter.  It constructs an experiential space made of movement, light and sound which provides the viewer with the infinite invisible and self-adjusting dynamics of an energy field.

The installation consists of three suspended spheres orbiting above three fields of variably scaled pendulums. The gravitational and magnetic motion vectors of the spheres and pendulums create an intricate dynamic field system seeking entropy through a multitude of interrelated adjustments.

The orbit of the large sphere is determined by a single year of solar weather fluctuations scaled to a 24-hour cycle. The mid-sized sphere is calibrated to the rotation of the earth’s magnetic poles recorded over one year. The smallest sphere is energized by the fluctuations of environmental electro-magnetism. These values change with the presence and movement of viewers and the electronic gadgets they bring with them into the exhibition space. The ever-changing dynamic field conditions are motion-mapped, and processed into a sound-scape and video projection.Jean Michel Crettaz

Project by Jean Michel Crettaz (Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Senior Lecturer) with F. Myles Sciotto (M.Arch, SCI-Arc; currently PhD candidate, MAT, UC-Santa Barbara)
Digital Design: Hideyo Kameda (2013 Architecture/Landscape/Interiors alumnus)
Fabrication and Production:  Sandra Sadauskaite  (Architecture/Landscape/Interiors senior), William Orlando (B.Arch, Pratt), Molly Hubley (Architecture/Landscape/Interiors senior) and Lori Choi (2013 Architecture/Landscape/Interiors alumnus)
Visualization Design:  Adam Ferriss (Otis Photography Lab Manager)
Otis Workshop and Fabrication Support:  Andrew Armstrong, Mark Thomas, Bill de la Vega, Saul Alvarez, Aida Klein, Charlie Carroll, Robert Apodaca, Drew Medvez, Leif Maginnis and Charlie Melikidse

IMAGES, above
top left and right: IMUM COELI at Acadia 2013, October 24-26, 2013
middle left: Jean Michel Crettaz touching up IMUM COELI
middle right: Sandra Sadauskaite and Hideyo Kameda installing IMUM COELI
bottom left: Sandra Sadauskaite and Hideyo Kameda installing IMUM COELI
bottom right: Jean Michel Crettaz laying out IMUM COELI
Photographs by Molly Hubley