GEODE was deconstructed, and RECYCLED, on May 16th, 2014

SShw14_DeconstructionReportGEODE was designed, documented, fabricated, assembled, installed and DECONSTRUCTED by the 2014 Architecture/Landscape/Interiors graduating seniors: Thomas Acosta, Hala Alasmari, Sally Choo, Rodrigo Carmona, Rachel Kim, Golnaz Noroozi, Steve Peraza, Sandra Sadauskaite, Jihae Shin, Julia Sieh and Erfan Zamani, with assistance during deconstruction by A/L/I sophomore Levina Djajadi.


MAY 16, 2014
top left: GEODE, partially deconstructed
top right, left to right: Jihae Shin, Sandra Sadauskaite, Golnaz Noroozi and Rodrigo Carmona
middle left, left to right: Sandra Sadauskaite, Rodrigo Carmona (behind Jihae), Jihae Shin and Rachel Kim
middle right, left to right: Golnaz Noroozi and Julia Sieh, with GEODE Construction Director Peter Vogel
bottom left, left to right: Rodrigo Carmona, Thomas Acosta, Julia Sieh, Levina Djajadi, Rachel Kim, Sandra Sadauskaite and Golnaz Noroozi
bottom right, the deconstruction crew at lunch, clockwise from bottom left:  A/L/I Chair Linda Pollari with A/L/I seniors Sally Choo, Rodrigo Carmona, Rachel Kim, Sandra Sadauskaite, Thomas Acosta, Erfan Zamani, Julia Sieh, Jihae Shin and Golnaz Noroozi, and A/L/I Department Assistant Wolf Herrera and GEODE Construction Director Peter Vogel

Thanks to A/L/I sophomore Levina Djajadi who climbed up on a table to take the last photograph!