Thomas Acosta and Steve Peraza won 1st Place in Fall 2013 Charrette Competition

Architecture_Landscape_Interiors_Fall13_CharetteArchitecture/Landscape/Interiors (A/L/I) Seniors Thomas Acosta’s and Steve Peraza’s project EXPO Youth & Family Center won 1st Place in the A/L/I Fall 2013 Charrette Competition!

Each semester, A/L/I students participate in a charrette, which is a design project completed within a limited amount of time and with no prior knowledge of the requirements. Solutions must be presented “by hand,” with no use of computers.

On October 28, 2013, A/L/I students, in teams of two, spent five hours conceiving, negotiating, agreeing, drawing and building models in order to communicate their design solutions for an “Education Station,” a community-based drop-in education and training center that would serve high school students from Dorsey High School and residents of the surrounding neighborhood. A jury reviewed the (blind) entries and chose five finalist teams. Finalists verbally presented their projects to the jury, after which the jury publically deliberated and determined 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place, and one Honorable Mention.

The winning scheme, “EXPO Youth & Family Center,” features a new, highly visible facade and secure rooftop park the provides a space for outdoor meetings with views of and beyond the Expo line across from the building.

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October 28, 2013
Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Fall 2013 Charrette
top left, left to right: A/L/I seniors Steve Peraza and Thomas Acosta presenting their 1st Place project, EXPO, to the jury
top right, foreground to background:  jurors Chava Danielson (Architect and A/L/I Adjunct Professor, from behind), Karen Girton-Snyder (Otis’ Assistant Provost), David Reddy (Architect and A/L/I Senior Lecturer), Matthew Gillis (Designer and A/L/I Senior Lecturer) and Gregory Van Grunsven (Designer and Adjunct Instructor, Woodbury University)
middle left, left to right: A/L/I sophomores Vanille Fricker and Jenny Kim presenting their 2nd Place project, The FLOW
middle right, left to right: A/L/I sophomores Levina Djajadi and Nayungkhumla Chang presenting their 3rd Place project, The SNAIL
bottom left, left to right: A/L/I juniors Nyann Swain-Welborn and Izzy Savage presenting their Honorable Mention project, Drop-In Education Center
bottom right, left to right: A/L/I seniors Rodrigo Carmona and Golnaz Noroozi presenting their Finalist project, The Foothill