CYNOSURE won 1st Place in the Fall 2014 Charrette Competition

Architecture_Landscape_Interiors_Fall14_CharetteArchitecture/Landscape/Interiors (A/L/I) Seniors Shadi Hashemi’s, Merve Onur’s and JuSung Park’s project CYNOSURE won 1st Place in the A/L/I Fall 2014 Charrette Competition!

Each semester, A/L/I students participate in a charrette, which is a design project completed within a limited amount of time and no prior knowledge of the requirements. Solutions must be presented “by hand,” with no use of computers.

On October 27, 2014, all current A/L/I students, in teams of two or three, spent five hours conceiving, negotiating, agreeing, drawing and building models in order to communicate their design solutions for “A (Down)Town Hall Debate Space” as a venue for national and/or local political candidates. Students were asked to consider “how the interaction between voter, politician, and media could be designed to reflect the cultural ethos of the 21st century and whether debates in our time are best housed in traditional performance spaces or can take advantage of more open, flexible settings, to meet the needs of both voter and politician while responding to an increasingly global information culture.” – Matthew Gillis, A/L/I Senior Lecturer (author of the charette program)

A jury of A/L/I instructors reviewed the (blind) entries and chose four finalist teams. Finalists verbally presented their projects to the jury, after which the jury publically deliberated and determined 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place, and one Honorable Mention. Beside CYNOSURE, entries included Fishbowl, Revolution, One Nation Under Media, Code 11, and others.

In the winner, CYNOSURE, the site’s interior and exterior spaces were connected with one continuous public space for the debates and interaction, that could be entered from three points on the building’s two street facades.

October 27, 2014
Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Fall 2014 Charrette
top left, left to right: A/L/I seniors Shadi Hashemi, Merve Onur and JuSung Park presenting their 1st Place project, CYNOSURE
top right, left to right: A/L/I seniors Izzy Savage and Nyann Swain-Welborn presenting their 2nd Place project, One Nation under Media
middle left, left to right: A/L/I junior Amarillis Altamirano and senior Cynthia Soto presenting their 3rd Place project, Code 11, to the jury (David Reddy, Chava Danielson, Reid Cigolle and John Morrison)
middle right, left to right: A/L/I juniors Raymond Tran and Darien Noguchi present their Honorable Mention project, Tier
bottom left, clockwise from top: A/L/I seniors Shadi Hashemi, JuSung Park and Merve Onur working on their entry
bottom right, left to right: A/L/I sophomores Tommy Peng (black shirt, from behind), Bonnie Cruz (behind Tommy), Maegan Iamjan, Tanner Geertsen, and Z Ng working on their first charette entries

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