Quiksilver Critique


The junior class has designed a Spring 2016 menswear collection in response to a direction from Quiksilver to create garments fit for a music festival or a surf camping trip in Northern Baja. Ideally, the clothes would provide sun and wind protection during the blazing heat of the day as well as during chilly nights. As for colors, the direction advises students to make a blue color story with accent pops. In addition, the students need to “have some discoverables, meaning second uses,” e.g. a [more]

Urban Outfitters Critique


The junior design class received a direction at the beginning of the semester from Urban Outfitters to create a spring/summer collection inspired by the “shipwrecked” theme in movies like “The Blue Lagoon.” At the end of the semester, the students had one-on-one critiques and edits with their teachers before going into the construction of their designs. Since the project is funded by Cotton Inc., the clothes must be 60 percent cotton. [more]

PacSun Critique and Edit


The junior class has spent the fall semester working on a collection for PacSun. The direction from the California lifestyle brand asked students to create clothes in touch with the shipwrecked summer trend, full of variants of whites and ivories for [more]

Fitting for Isobella & Chloe


This week mentors from the children’s clothing line Isobella & Chloe visited the junior design class for a fabric fitting. Designer and CEO Emily Fong and her assistant Gloria Borpus gave feedback to students on their ocean-inspired swimwear [more]

Fitting for Mary Jo Bruno


Intimate apparel designer Mary Jo Bruno recently attended a fabric fitting of designs by the junior class. Students received feedback from Bruno, who has been producing her own namesake label of luxury lingerie and loungewear for a remarkable 35 [more]

Fitting for Morgane Le Fay


Amanda Mikko, wardrobe consultant and stylist at Morgane Le Fay, visited the senior class to critique their constructed designs during a model fitting. The designer for Morgane Le Fay, Lilliana Casabal, had issued a direction earlier in the fall [more]