Direction: Trina Turk

Designer Trina Turk assigning fashion direction

On Wednesday, fashion designer Trina Turk visited the senior design class to give them a direction for designing a spring 2016 collection. Turk’s modern, California-inspired clothing line has garnered fans such as actress Mindy Kaling, who has worn Turk’s designs on her show The Mindy Project. Her direction for the class was to “create playful, chic ensembles for a trip to the Amalfi coast inspired by the Mediterranean sea and the late 60s, early 70s jetsetter lifestyle.” She also instructed [more]

Sketch Selection: Morgan le Fay


Last Wednesday, a senior fashion design class took a trip to the Morgan le Fay store in Santa Monica to present their sketches to the owner and designer Liliana Casabal. As a mentor, Casabal directed the students to create a collection for a modern woman “inspired by ocean creatures real and mystical.” In her direction, Casabal recommended several fabrics such as cotton voile, jersey, and chiffon. But when it came to color, the designer was single-minded, specifying that the students use “all [more]

Sketch Selection: Zaid Affas

Zaid Affas selecting student sketches

This Wednesday a senior class in fashion design presented their sketches to designer Zaid Affas. He had given them a direction to create a collection for a modern, chic woman in a major world class city whose lifestyle requires a strong wardrobe for [more]

Sketch Selection: Isobella & Chloe

Designer Emily Fong and assistant

Last Friday, the junior design class presented sketches to their mentor, Emily Fong, designer and CEO of Isobella & Chloe, a clothing line for young girls. Fong had issued a direction to the students to create “a girls’ swimwear collection [more]

Isabel and Ruben Toledo with Lane Bryant


Mentor: Isabel and Ruben Toledo with Lane Bryant Direction: Design a fall collection for the Plus Customer that is technical, modern, joyful and inspired by the freedom of dress that women began to experience in the 1930s [more]

Todd Oldham Recap


Students work with Todd on modern sportswear and dresses inspired by Native American culture. Artist, designer, and TV personality best known as host of Todd Time on MTV’s House of Style, Oldham is president of L-7 Designs Inc. His fashion lines, [more]