Halston Final Fitting

Otis Fashion students are hard at work on their designs for the upcoming Annual Otis Scholarship and Benefit Fashion Show. On December 14, 2012 they had their final fitting with Halston and Marie Mazelis. The project is a collaboration with Halston and the Humane Society, and the direction is to design for sustainability and re-define [more]

Halston- Second Fitting

Here are photos of Marie Mazelis from Halston working with seniors at their second fitting. I was on this team and I have to say that Marie was an incredible mentor. She continued to make great corrections to improve our garments and seemed very impressed with our progress!

Halston Direction

Hello fashion world! The Otis Senior and Junior class are currently working on mentor projects for the Otis fashion benefit show in May 2013. Here is a photo of several Senior students sharing designs to the very talented Marie Mazelis of Halston! One design has been picked for each student which will be made and [more]