Aaron Morse – South Central LA – 11/07/2013

Aaron Morse is in the middle of working on a large scale mural that is a private commission for a historic craftsman house in Los Angeles. The mural is definitely an extension of Aaron’s painting and builds upon his interest in landscape, menagerie, and evolutionary sequencing. As we talked about this large project we did look at some works on paper and an in progress painting. In 2008, he created a monumental wallpaper design that printed and reworked by hand for the Hammer Museum’s lobby. Quoting from the Hammer website, Morse’s “paintings depict epic collages of imagery pulled from sources as divergent as 20th century American politics, 19th century Romantic literature, comics, art historical painting genres, and current events. Morse weaves these various themes together to fabricate symbolic, alternative worlds in which time and history seem at once recognizable and otherworldly. Animals and humans intermingle in colorful, surreal landscapes where space is disjointed and turbulent.”  Morse is represented by ACME in Los Angeles.