Aili Schmeltz – Baldwin Hills – 10/03/2013

Aili Schmeltz was recently awarded the California Community Foundation Fellowship for Visual Arts.  Her recent work includes large scale drawings and sculptures that are informed by utopic architecture, monuments of fallen philosophies, and oscillating patterns that create dimensional, psychedelic surfaces.  Her current series, Psionic Generators, are adaptations of forms from a 1970s new age book about ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) activating devices.  The book itself, which Schmeltz shared with me, is a how-to book about how to create real models that claim to have the ability to be manipulated using ESP, or how to use specific proportions for results such as sharpening razor blades or mummifying meat. Schmeltz’s study on this unusual resource has resulted in some beautifully complex drawings and sculptural works in which you can sense energy in a formal state.  I look forward to seeing the final results!

Schmeltz’s large sculpture, Cross Cut, is currently on view at the Grand Central Art Center through January 12, 2014. For more information about her work, visit her website at