Christina Sanchez and Cayetano Juarez – West Adams – 12/2/2013

Christina Sanchez and Cayetano Juarez have been working together on two major projects: “Break + Pausa” and  “TEQUIO AQUÍ, TEQUIO ALLÁ,” that are described in detail on their website.  We spent the majority of our visit together discussing their second and most recent project, Tequio Aquí, Tequio Allá (Tequio Here, Tequio There), which is a dynamic collaboration with the local Oaxacan community and The William Grant Still Arts Center in the West Adams area. According to the postcard for their exhibition, “A tequio is a call to a pueblo to perform communal work for a mutual benefit.” It is as if they, as artists, facilitated a cultural call out to the neighborhood to create a space for celebrating local traditions and efforts to preserve specific customs and the notion of “tequio” or mutual aid. Their call was answered and they celebrated their efforts with an art exhibition, a dance performance and procession, and community forums.