David Gev – Palms – 10/03/2013

David Gev is a glass artist who works from his home studio in the Palms neighborhood.  He is a second generation Holocaust survivor who grew up in Israel and came to the US in 1987 to pursue a Master’s degree at USC.  Gev views his work as a healing process and a journey for personal growth.  A recent solo exhibition, The Train From Auschwitz: A Journey from Shame to Self-Realization, at Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives, featured Gev’s glass tile works paired with a striking video display playing footage from a Train camera.  The video installation was accompanied by an original musical score by Yehuda Poliker, who’s parents are Holocaust survivors as well.  The droning sounds of Poliker’s composition calms the mind and induces a trance-like atmosphere. Gev edited the film in such a way that when the train enters a mountain tunnel it flashes on “slices of life” memories, specifically referencing his father’s experience in a Nazi concentration camp.  About the work, Gev states, “I feel I was raised to undo the damage and shame that the Holocaust had brought to my parents’ lives.”