Heather Gwen Martin – Downtown – 08/28/2013

Heather Gwen Martin’s downtown home/studio is full of large colorful paintings, which at first glance look like they were made using a poured if not tapped process.  Yet, at closer look, you can see evidence of the meticulous care and detail in color and contour all done by hand.  The crevices and cracks might at first seem to reference a Google earth landscape or geometric abstractions, but they aren’t.  Instead they are an imaginative and colorful physiological process.  Though smooth, the paintings are not cold and perfect; instead they carry a skin quality that reveals slight human flaws – giving the pieces a surprising life.  Light is also a major player in Martin’s work, and with each hour that passes, the colors transpose into another.  For the show at Luis de Jesus Los Angeles Gallery, Martin even special ordered gallery lights so the colors were not too harshly disturbed.  The hues often radiate and vibrate against one another projecting an energy that can’t help but be observed by the viewer.