Lauren Evans – Culver City – 11/19/2013

Lauren Evans is primarily a sculptor and also teaches African Art History. She uses animal forms in her work and has created a series of powerful images using the rhinoceros. According to her website, “The images of the rhinoceros represent the adversary and ally we hold inside our own consciousness. The rhinoceros is an interesting metaphor because the animal itself provokes a sense of endangerment yet powerful strength. These extreme opposites in the work of old/young, good/ bad, weak/strong, extreme joy and paralyzing turmoil come forward in the images of the rhinoceros and the text.” Currently, she is working with artist Margaret Lazzari on a public art commission for a local park that depicts a flock of sea birds, wild parrots, and perching birds. Evan’s is also working on a series of cormorant power figures. Each bird form is decorated in a particular way and in the center of its belly is a hollowed out space with a small object placed inside. Evan’s work is both powerful and playful.