Mira Gandy – “The Dons” of Baldwin Hills -11/15/2013

Mira Gandy’s work revolves around the female self-image, incorporating both cultural-diversity and race.  She often parallels these topics with media representations of women within these contexts as well, and addresses issues such as the advertising of self-mutilation (like bleaching creams and cosmetic surgery).   The work includes collage and painting, and grasps the emotional toll media representations take on women, while at the same time revealing how ridiculously funny and absurd it can all be.  In addition, Gandy is exploring the intimacy of same sex couples, more specifically lesbian couples, and focusing on the visual representation of being intimate.  Since many of these images are left out of the media, Gandy feels it is important to portray the act of intimacy without over-sexualizing and exploiting it.  The pieces are bare of her usual collage and media representations and instead are a stark black and white silhouette of couples expressing their love for one another.  Don’t miss her upcoming solo exhibition, APPEAL: Beauty, Race, Intimacy, at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, The Advocate & Gochis Galleries, opening December 19, 2013.