Nancy Jo Haselbacher – Culver City – 11/19/2013

Nancy Jo Haselbacher greeted me in her home studio and said “I hope you don’t mind that we’re kitchen-tabling it today for our visit.” So many artists make their kitchen tables their studios, it’s a wonderful thing. Nancy took me on a tour of her recent work beginning with her ongoing library book project Borrowed: Mystery, Romance, and Knowledge. There’s a great description of it on her website. She then shared that she’s been traveling the highways a lot this past year between her place in Culver City, Otis & LMU where she teaches printmaking, her downtown “wall” studio, and Whittier where her partner lives. Out of necessity, she’s been racking up mileage and clocking in hours behind the wheel. So, she started making work referencing her journeys. She has cut up maps and atlases for collages. She’s been photographing a particular building/parking lot that she drives by at the beginning and ending of hertrek out to Whittier.  She’s been making stream of conscious drawings of the roads and highways she frequents. All of this to express her interest in how we move through spaces whether it be a book or through a city. She’s interested in the traces people leave behind whether it is a stain on the page of a book or a strangely manicured shrub in a parking lot.