Soo Kim – West Adams – 10/30/2013

Artist Soo Kim was born in South Korea and moved to Los Angeles in 1980. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from U C Riverside, and later combined studies in critical writing, art, and film at Cal Arts for her MFA. She currently teaches in the Fine Arts department at Otis College of Art and Design.   Kim’s photographic work includes the laborious process of cutting away and layering to create an entirely new image, often times exposing skeletal structures and auras of the moment.  The meticulous process involved allows the viewer to get lost in the image while attempting to discern what is real and what is fabricated.  Kim also recently collaborated with Lisa Ohlweiler for PHOTO BLACK on KCHUNG Radio 1630AM, “a three-part radio installment based around the topic of photography that examines visual topics through guided photo meditation, discussions between Ohlweiler and Kim, interviews with guests, on-air ‘readings’ of visual images, and music selections.”