Todd Gray & Kyungmi Shin – “The Dons” of Baldwin Hills – 10/09/2013

Artists and partners Todd Gray and Kyungmi Shin  live in “the Dons” of Baldwin Hills, where their hilltop home doubles as their art studios.  Todd Gray is a photographer, performer and professor. For some time he has been documenting private performances in his studio and out on his property in Ghana. Using shaving cream as a face altering agent, Gray attempts to expose or call for his Id – a more primal intuitive self.  Building on the same source documents for the Shaman series, Gray has recently started drawing on his paper photographs with repetitive marks or dots as a meditative practice.

Kyungmi Shin’s work is a labor of love, made with a combination of digital images and hand cut collage from her own photographs of the urban landscape and sometimes libraries.  Shin also experiments with her large format collages by translating the work into installations, as she did with her 2009 exhibition, Babel: Chaos of Melancholy, at Pitzer Art Galleries, Nichols Gallery, Broad Center in Claremont, CA.  Her chaotic urban landscape images reflect the energy of a bustling city on an average day, with your mind jumping from sign to sign, visually stimulated but emotionally isolated.