William Etienne Pajaud, Jr. – Windsor Hills – 08/16/2013

Dale Davis was kind enough to take me over to Bill Pajaud’s home studio. It was wonderful to see the two long-time friends greet each other on the patio. Bill was surrounded by a flurry of activity and all these fabulous women including his wife, daughter and Kayren Lyle.  We had a lovely conversation looking at series of street-scene watercolors and I was able to peruse the studio racks to take in a small fraction of all the drawings and paintings his team is in the middle of cataloging. His daughter was kind enough to pull out a whole series of annual holiday images from the 1970s to present. On one of the exhibition cards I was given is a fabulous quote from the artist that gives you a sense of the man and artist, “Both my ethnic and cultural backgrounds serve as root sources of my work. The awareness and acceptance of humankind—universal, following life’s awesome rhythms with dignity and pain, joy, poverty and often jubilation—cause me to paint.”