Jennifer Steinkamp – Mar Vista – 11/08/2012

Today we visited Jennifer Steinkamp’s studio.  Her animation projections and installations can be seen on her website: [more]

Stas Orlovski – Mar Vista – 10/29/2012

Recently Stas Orlovski has embarked upon the world of stop motion animation.  Using his own drawings and collages he created 2 final projections on view now at LACMA’s Drawing Surrealism exhibition.  Referencing decaying architecture and [more]

Brian Moss – 2900 Airport Ave., Santa Monica – 08/01/2012

Brian Moss’ recent work includes animations of images from space, collaged with his own photography of ordinary objects that visually resemble/reference space images.  The collaged animation images are then cut in a quadrant shape, in the center of [more]