Jean Edelstein – Venice

"Jean Edelstein seeks the sacred. As she deploys the creative to approach the Divine, her art resonates with spirit. Edelstein's elegant aesthetic is melded with finely honed craftsmanship and expansive inventiveness into abstract icons, [more]

James Goodwin – Mar Vista – 08/31/2012

When first meeting James Goodwin at his studio, it seemed as if he had just come back from surfing.   Goodwin, who describes himself as having a, “twisted sense of humor,” makes work that’s often about unveiling political and moral idiosyncrasies in [more]

Chris Wilder, Renee Petropoulos and Thaddeus Strode – 3000/2900 Airport Ave., Santa Monica – 08/31/2012

Today, we visited the Santa Monica Airport Hangar Studios. Our first stop was Chris Wilder, who teaches at Otis.  Wilder grew up surfing and studying UFO photographs at his local library.  His recent works include videos made with a GoPro camera that [more]