Workshop with Fallen Fruit at Arts Restore LA Fruitique



Workshop with Fallen Fruit at Arts Restore LA Fruitique involving Otis MFA Public Practice and USC Curatorial Practices students.


Students from the Otis MFA Public Practice and USC Curatorial Practice programs participated in a workshop with Fallen Fruit at their Fruitique, a project of the Arts Restore LA to reclaim empty storefronts in Westwood initiated by Hammer Museum.

David Burns and Austin Young led the workshop which involved thoughtless paintings they called “tweens.”  Students applied acrylic and collage images of fermenting fruit onto canvas of various sizes.  They were as spontaneous as the conversations that emerged of those grey teenage years of bad hair and embarrassing bully moments.

Students were then directed to draw selfies on lemons, destined for lemonade.

The bridge between the two programs was Karen Moss, art historian and curator who teaches in both programs and in my opinion is one of our best contemporary art professors in LA.  The workshop was offered  as part of the Field Methods class which aims to introduce the students to a broad range of tools and artist capacities in order to seed future career paths.

Fallen Fruit previously worked with the program as guest faculty with the 2011 Group Project, Portable Parks IV: Past Present and Future which was presented as part of Pacific Standard Time, a city-wide initiative of the Getty Foundation.

More awesome happenings with Fallen Fruit to come…