Kerri Steinberg and Jewish Mad Men keep rolling along…and the press is global!

Since the 2015 publication of her book, Jewish Mad Men: Advertising and the Design of the  American Jewish Experience, Kerri Steinberg has been busy giving presentations and interviews.  The German Historical Institute asked her to present a paper at [more]

Assessment in Creative Disciplines: Quantifying and Qualifying the Aesthetic

By David Mills Chase, Jill Ferguson and J. Joseph Hoey IV. With a chapter by Debra Ballard, Chair, Liberal Arts and Sciences This book explores creativity and its assessment using easy-to-grasp concepts; concrete examples of arts education and [more]

Marlena Donohue reviews Habsburg Exhibition: Empire of Style

EMPIRE OF STYLE is a new show at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, culled from Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Museum, brings together 100 treasures from the coffers of the imperial House of Habsburg — Titians and Tintorettos, arms and armaments among [more]

Kerri Steinberg’s Book is Out!

Jewish Mad Men: Advertising and the Design of the American Jewish Experience by Kerri Steinberg is now available from Amazon.   [more]

Mario Cutajar’s artist books now available on

Mario Cutajar’s artist books, published between 2011 and 2013, are now available on A palimpsest of two unrelated texts, through brings together a four-line quotation from Brecht's 1926 poem "Of Poor B.B." (articulated letter-by-letter [more]

Jessica Ngo’s poem “Bullying Arts Education” published in the Los Angeles Times

Jessica Ngo’s poem "Bullying Arts Education" was published in the second annual Op-Ed poetry in the Los Angeles Times on Sunday, August 31, 2014. This striking poem discusses how, when there are budget cuts, the first thing to be cut is always the [more]