Silence is a Thing I See…Gershom (Dr. Rob Spruijt) at Lora Schleschinger Gallery

Gershom (or Dr. Rob Spruijt as we know him in Liberal Arts and Sciences) has an intriguing new show at Lora Schleschinger Gallery in Santa Monica aptly titled Silence is a Thing I See.  In forty-two exquisite panels, Gershom shows us the ordinary [more]

Ways of Knowing Student Exhibition tapped for Otis Time Capsule

Foundation students at Otis take a very unique second semester class called Ways of Knowing, which pairs two individual classes taught by faculty from different disciplinary fields that both investigate a common topic.  The goal: for students to [more]

Otis Students Attend “State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda”

When students look for courses with relevance to their lives, Perri Chasin's "Movies That Matter" is always a front runner.  Perri introduces students to films that engage with social, political, gender, race and ethnic issues. This year the "Movies [more]

Post-Doc for Dr. Kristiana Willsey in Boston

Liberal Arts and Sciences is going to miss Kristiana Willsey a lot when she heads off to Boston next September.  She has just been awarded a Fellowship at the American Academy of Art and Sciences for emerging scholars where she will be working on [more]

Kerri Steinberg and Jewish Mad Men keep rolling along…and the press is global!

jewish mad men cover

Since the 2015 publication of her book, Jewish Mad Men: Advertising and the Design of the  American Jewish Experience, Kerri Steinberg has been busy giving presentations and interviews.  The German Historical Institute asked her to present a paper at [more]

Assessment in Creative Disciplines: Quantifying and Qualifying the Aesthetic

By David Mills Chase, Jill Ferguson and J. Joseph Hoey IV. With a chapter by Debra Ballard, Chair, Liberal Arts and Sciences This book explores creativity and its assessment using easy-to-grasp concepts; concrete examples of arts education and [more]