Art History Unstuffed. “The Postmodern Condition,” Part Three

Art History Unstuffed

The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge  (1979)

by Jean-François Lyotard Part Three

 Part Three, “Knowledge and Education,” of the three part series on of a three-part series on Jean-François Lyotard’s 1979 “The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge” was posted on April 18, 2014. This series proposes to re-write and re-consider the entire book in relation to the 21st century. This third and final section of the discussion on this well known work focuses on “paralogy” or what Lyotard called “dissensus.”

Paralogy is a critique of the system, probing its weak points, seeking places where logic or practice falters and foregrounds the ultimate logic of its stated goals. Lyotard was led to the conclusion that, referring to paralogy, “It is changing the meaning of the word knowledge, which expressing how such a change can take place. It is producing not the known, but the unknown. And it suggests a model of legitimation that has nothing to do with maximized performance, but has as its basic difference understood as paralogy.”  

Dr. Jeanne S. M. Willette

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