Art History Unstuffed. “Jacques Derrida and the Center”

 Art History Unstuffed “Jacques Derrida and the Center” posted on August 1, 2014 In 1967 Jacques Derrida wrote “Force and Signification,” in which he discussed the role of the “center” in organizing philosophical thought. In critiquing [more]

Art History Unstuffed. “Jacques Derrida and ‘Différance’”

Art History Unstuffed  “Jacques Derrida and ‘Différance’” posted on July 25, 2014.  Just as Derrida was concerned with the emphasis on “logos” or the spoken word, requiring the presence of a speaker, he was concerned about the presumed primacy of [more]

Art History Unstuffed. “Jacques Derrida and Logos”

Art History Unstuffed “Jacques Derrida and Logos” posted on July 18, 2014  Within a few years of his challenge to Claude-Lévi Strauss, Jacques Derrida published his seminal series of books in which he broadened his Deconstruction of Enlightenment [more]

Art History Unstuffed. “The Metaphysics of Structuralism”

Art History Unstuffed “The Metaphysics of Structuralism” posted on July 11, 2014. This post focuses on the famous attack launched by Jacques Derrida on Structuralism in 1966. His now famous talk “Structure, Sign and Play in the Discourses of [more]

Art History Unstuffed. Jacques Derrida and Post-Structuralism

Art History Unstuffed Jacques Derrida and Post-Structuralism posted on July 4, 2014  One of the many French philosophers who were either natives of or had worked in Algeria, Jacques Derrida shared with this group the penchant of rebelling against [more]