Collaboration Partners: Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Library

Liberal Arts and Sciences has a long and successful history of collaboration with the library, especially regarding information literacy,  pedagogy, and electronic portfolios. This happens not only on campus in classes, in course reviews, guided [more]

Jean-Marie Venturini’s short story published in Literary Journal ‘Lunch Ticket.’

Jean-Marie Venturini’s short story An Axe to Grind was published in Online Literary Journal Lunch Ticket. This captivating short story was published in the Winter Issue #4, October 2013, of Lunch Ticket, and can be read here: [more]

We went “a conferencing” and this is what we learned…

Sometimes it is dangerous to go to conferences; there is no place to hide from the ideas, the issues and the changes that presenters share. In many ways, it is like going to a Las Vegas buffet.  There may be some things you don’t want to try, some [more]