O-Space Quick Tip: Clean Up The Clutter

Have you noticed that you've accumulated a lot of ePortfolios? Many of the ePortfolios you haven't touched for a few years? It is time to let it go! Use the "Download" feature under "Portfolio Tools" to keep a zipped archive of the eportfolio and uploaded media. That way you can feel free to "Delete" the old ePortfolio knowing your content is backed up and safe just in case. Some Tips For the "Download": 1. One ePortfolio at a time 2. The larger it is (a.k.a. the more content) the [more]

Updates to O-Space Downloads

Attention O-Space Users! The ePortfolio "Download" feature has gone through a major update and is now more stable and reliable. The download ePortfolio features gives end users the ability to download their ePortfolio at anytime. The downloaded ePortfolio will include all the standard html pages of the ePortfolio as well as any files and media that were uploaded to the ePortfolio (including large format videos). Full announcement here: [more]

From There to Here

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On display in the library: From There to Here, a collaborative, limited edition book created by Otis Lab Press Technicians Jennifer Graves, Janet Kupchick, Leslie Ross-Robertson & Jamie Russom. [more]

Fixed: O-Space Issue With Chrome Quicktime Plug In

Great news Chrome users! There is a Quicktime update available from Apple that seems to fix the issue with the browser plug-in. I navigated through our O-Space ePortfolios and no longer received the video error messages. If you have been [more]

And The Otis iProject Is Underway . . .

The Teaching Learning Center is pleased to announce that we have officially launched our first faculty iProject. A cohort of 13 studio faculty and 6 LAS faculty received an iPad for the spring 2014 semester to explore its functionality and [more]

Special TLC Seminar: Thursday Feb. 20th @ 11:00am

Welcome Faculty and Staff!!! The Teaching Learning Center is pleased to host the California Lawyers for the Arts for a special Otis Faculty/Staff seminar. Location: Room 307 Ahmanson Building Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm California Lawyers [more]