OtisDID: Magazine Covers and Illustrations

This spring we’ve added many images of American magazine covers and illustrations.


From 1928-1981, the Automobile Club of Southern California commissioned art for the cover of their magazine, Touring Topics, which was later renamed Westways.  Many of the artists were from Southern California, some of whom had ties to Otis, e.g. Paul Landacre.

JC Leyendecker (1874-1951)

Leyendecker was one of the most popular illustrators in the early 20th century. Known mostly for his ads for Arrow clothing and his covers of The Saturday Evening Post, Leyendecker’s style influenced his peers, including Norman Rockwell.

That last image is quite disturbing, yes? To make it easier to find these types of items in the OtisDID, I usually add the magazine, e.g. LIFE, Westways, Saturday Evening Post, Harper’s Weekly, as a creator with the role of “publisher” or “commissioner.”

As always, please send me your image requests.

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