Trying out a newblog  theme: Imbalance. It works especially well for photoblogs. The front page is a grid of featured images. If your posts don’t contain images, this is probably not the theme for you.

Do have to activate 3 plugins:

  • WP-PageNavi
  • Cleaner Gallery
  • Advanced Excerpt

I’d recommend using the Auto Post Thumbnail plugin as well. Activate it then run the script in Settings-Auto Post Thumbnail.

Buttons for Twitter and Facebook are the in menu. To add them, go to Appearance-Theme Options and paste in the URLs. Note: These buttons seem to appear whether or not you enter a URL. For instance, I left the Facebook link empty, so the menu button goes to the blog’s homepage instead.

Things to do / tweaks:

  • Set the featured images for all of the posts
    • Option 1: Use Auto Post Thumbnail to generate featured images from the post content
    • Option 2: Set a featured image for each and every post
  • Get rid of the theme name in the header
    • Go to Appearance-Theme Options. Under Custom Logo: Either upload a header image or paste in the URL to the existing file. Save.
    • Image size is 461 px wide x 70 px tall. You can choose an image that is larger, but it doesn’t fit well.
  • Change default thumbnail
    • Preferably make it similar to a custom header

default wpshower thumbnail