Cleanfrog Theme

Trying out yet another new theme, Cleanfrog. It is minimalist theme with a white background and no banner image. Menu items are separated by slashes. Instead of being able to upload a custom header image, it allows for custom backgrounds – a solid color or an uploaded image. Although limited to one sidebar on the right, the widgets there are collapsible.

One aspect that I don’t like is how it handles featured images. You may be wondering why does the same image (a screenshot) appear twice in this post. One of them clickable and the other is not. This theme always displays the featured image in the upper right corner in the post.  If the featured image has also been inserted into the post, it will appear twice. Awkward. If this doesn’t bother you, fine. If it does, you have some options:

  1. Make sure that any images in the post do not appear near the top.
  2. Never insert a featured image into the post, especially if you wanted to link the image’s page (or some other URL.)
  3. Never insert any images into a post.
  4. Choose a different theme.
Cleanfrog Theme: screenshot

Click me! I'm an image inserted into a post

Despite this glitch, I do like the theme. Let me know what you think.