LACMA Image Library

Did you know? In March 2011, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art began offering hi-res downloads of public domain images of objects from their collection. These items are part of their new Image Library of about 2,000 images from their collection of 100,000 objects.

For instance, here is an English parasol, a Korean box, and Cotton Pickers by Winslow Homer.

These images are also identified in the museum’s main collection database. Work records include the phrase Public Domain High Resolution Image Available and images with High Resolution Image. In fact, the main collection database is pretty awesome. You can:

  • find out which objects are currently on display
  • search by keyword or topic using the Remix button
  • get list of books that discuss the object

From the Terms of Use:

The Content on the Site marked “Public Domain High Resolution Image Available” consists of images of works from LACMA’s permanent collections that are currently available in “high resolution” format and that LACMA believes are in the public domain. LACMA is providing high resolution images of these works free of charge and for use without restriction.

Due to copyright restrictions, though, most 20th-21st century works are excluded.