Comments on the Woman’s Building Image Archive

We have been adding lots of items to the Woman’s Building Image Archive in Otis Collections Online in preparation for the upcoming exhibit, Doin’ It in Public: Feminism and Art at the Woman’s Building.

  • Have you found misspellings, errors or omissions?
  • Can you identify some of the people, places, or events?
  • Are you the photographer?

Then leave a comment below. Please include the ImageID so we know exactly which item you have information.

Screenshot highlighting the ImageID

View items that we are still researching. NB: Some of these images are only thumbnails; larger versions will be available in early August.

We also encourage you to share your memories or the Woman’s Building here.




  1. elithea whittaker says:

    where is wanda westcoast??? she’s not even on your list!