Crafting with Slides

Did you know that slides are great for crafting? Here are just a few ideas:

  • Lamp shades – Very popular
  • Curtains – For window, doors, wall hangings
  • Bags -The Art to Go bag sells for $150 at the Getty Museum Store !!!
  • Ornaments – I once worked at a slide library where we made all of our holiday decorations out of slides and supplies; I wish I had pictures to show you.
  • Art – Check out the artists’ book below

Note: Slides fade after prolonged exposure to light. Most slides turn pink, but some will turn green or blue depending on the film and processing.

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  1. Just heard about another way to creatively reuse slides from Louise Putnam, UMass Boston:

    The glass from the slides makes great window glazing for those [architecture] schools that still require student to make physical models!