Enough About MOOCs

The discussion of MOOCs continues in higher education. Are we seeing a backlash or just another evolution of the MOOC concept? Below is a list of interesting articles for 2014! I’ll update this list as the year goes on.

January 2014:
MOOCs: Glorified Online Correspondence Courses?
— “… before MOOCs begin transforming the manner in which higher education operates in the United States, there are at least a few current educational policies and practices that will hinder the advancement of MOOCs.”

Campus Technology “Breaking the MOOC Model
— The possibilities of a blended MOOC (and something called BOOC’s).

Doubts About MOOCs Continue to Rise, Survey Finds
— “An annual survey’s findings reveal growing skepticism among academic leaders about the long-term prospects for massive open online courses.”

Innovation in 2014: Welcome to the Evolution
— “Instead of calling MOOCs a failure, combine them with other pioneering ideas to help higher education evolve.”

MOOCs: Been There, Done That
— “Why should massive open online courses fare any better than their extinct predecessors?”

February 2014:
Inside Higher Ed “MOOC Mess
— Last year was the year of the MOOC. This year is shaping up as the year of MOOC criticism…