The Great Library Book Giveaway!

Weeding - illustration from 12th C. French ManuscriptIt’s not what you weed—it’s what you leave.

By the Library entrance, you may have noticed that there are many books being given away. That’s because in preparation for our move to a new space in 2016, we are weeding the collection.

People sometimes get emotional about weeding in libraries. Just like with a garden, it is necessary to keep a library relevant and useful.


Weeding Criteria:

  • Books that have not circulated in 10 years or more
  • Worn-out books
  • Second copies (but not always)
  • Books with outdated or unreliable content
  • Books no longer relevant to the needs of the Otis Community
  • At least 2 people evaluate each item.

View the Library’s Collection Development Policies

Image: Weeding by Unknown Miniaturist, French (active c. 1180 at Fécamp). From: Wikimedia Commons courtesy National Library of the Netherlands