Grammarly@EDU: How to Switch from Free to Premium

Grammarly with premium flag

Writing Support by Grammarly@EDU is a grammar check tool is available to all students and faculty. Use your school email to register at

When you log into Grammarly@EDU, there will be a Premium flag by the logo.

If you signed up at for free, you would not see that blue flag. You will not have access to the premium features, such as plagiarism checks and changing document types. If you try to access these features, you will be prompted to enter an Access Code or to sign up for a subscription.

To fix this, you need to delete the existing account and create a new one at

Directions for Switching

  1. Log in to Grammarly.
  2. Visit the Profile page and click on the “Account” at
  3. Click the “Delete account” link.
  4. Go to Enter your name, Otis College email address, and preferred password to sign up for a Grammarly account.
  5. Check your email (Inbox and spam folder) for a confirmation email and click the link inside
  6. Log in to your account at

For more information about Grammarly@EDU, visit

If you need more help, please contact Heather Cleary or Jean-Marie Venturini.