Slide Circulation Policies

Policies and Procedures
All materials (mainly slides) housed within the Visual Resource Center are available only between 9:00 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Admittance is restricted to those times when the Librarian or her full-time assistant is able to be present. Faculty and full-time students may check out materials.

Slides of art and design from 19th-20 centuries and in the survey sets are housed in the VRC. Slides of art and design pre-19th century are kept in storage. It may take 24 hours to access those slides.

Circulation Policies:
Slide boxes and carousels are counted as part of the 9 total library checkouts to any patron at any one time.
Limit of 60 slides to faculty patron at any one time (up to one week).
Limit of 20 slides to student patron (24 hours).
Limit of 2 slide carousels to any patron at any one time.

Circulation Procedures:
All Slides must be photocopied by VRC staff before leaving the VRC room and then taken to the Circulation Desk for check out. Hand your selected slides to VRC staff member, then fill out and sign Check Out Form. Slide boxes and carousels will then have their barcode scanned by the VRC staff. Return slide boxes and videos to the Circulation Desk. Please ensure all the slides that you checked out are in the box.

Note to Faculty:
If you cannot return the slides yourself, please make arrangements for the timely return of slides to the library through your departmental office.

Overdue fines:
Slides: $1 per day per box
Carousels: $1 per day

Lost materials:
$10 replacement fee per slide

Holds and Reserves:

We strongly encourage all faculty to use the OtisDID, the digital imagebank, for classroom lectures and study guides.
Reserves are held for a maximum of three weeks; other faculty may check out the items for the duration of a single class period only. Holds are held for one day. Reserves and Holds are held at the circulation desk, along with the corresponding forms. Submit Reserve requests before the semester starts; submit Hold requests ten days in advance.

Making Slides:
There is no copy stand available for use; please contact the Photo Lab at x6971. Reserve your time at the copy stand; bring your own slide film.