Grammarly@EDU: How to Switch from Free to Premium

Writing Support by Grammarly@EDU is a grammar check tool is available to all students and faculty. Use your school email to register at When you log into Grammarly@EDU, there will be a Premium flag by the logo. If [more]

O-Space Smart DIY #1

Hello Otis Faculty! Below are some smart DIY tips for sharing your ePortfolio with students . . . 1 Add ePortfolio to O-Space Course In your O-Space Course area, you can add an ePortfolio. Go into the course and go to the ePortfolio tab. Select [more]

How To Add Links to a Post

To add a link to a web page, type in some text. Then highlight the text. The Insert/Edit Link icon will go live (it looks like a chain link and appears next to the Justify Right icon.) A pop-up window will appear - pastes in the URL. Finally, click [more]

Students: How to Find Your Otis Email Address

Attention students! Since you log into Webmail using your Xnumber, you may not know your actual Otis email address. You need this email address for signing up for an Otis Blogosphere account as well as other services. Basic Syntax In general, your [more]

FF Plugin: Screen Capture Elite

Whenever I have to get screenshots of a web pageĀ  (for a presentation, a blog post, error messages), I use a Mac. I love the Grab software, especially the hot keys. With the Screen Capture Elite plug-in for Firefox, though, I can do most of it on my [more]

Otis Email Password Manager

Has this ever happened to you? You are at home and need to check your Otis Webmail, but you cannot remember that darn password. Good news - you no longer need to schlep to campus and find the right person to change it. Instead use the new Password [more]