Kanopy Streaming Trial

  The Millard Sheets Library has arranged a trial of a new database: http://otis.kanopystreaming.com Kanopy Streaming currently offers over 26,000 films from over 800 leading producers such as Criterion Collection, New Day Films, The [more]

The Great Library Giveaway, Movies Edition

As discussed in an earlier post, the Library is paring down its collections in preparation for the move to our new space in 2016. We are now weeding VHS tapes and DVDs, beginning with the Feature Films, Literature and Television sections. [more]

New Video: Gerhard Richter Painting

Occasionally I feature new additions to our video collection. This week we added the film Gerhard Richter Painting available at Video AA R495 G47 [DVD]. Enjoy! See also the New Videos List Description (via its official web site): ... a thrilling [more]

Video Circulation Policies Updated

We have updated our video circ policies for Fall 2012. Here are the main changes: Undergraduate Students – 1 week, 0 renewals, $0.50 overdue fine per day Graduate Students – 1 week, 1 renewal, $0.50 overdue fine per day Faculty – 1 week, 1 [more]

New Videos: Strange Bedfellows

Happy New Year! This year I promise to write more updates about newly available videos and OtisDID images. Usually I wait until the items are barcoded, processed, cataloged, and made available for check-out, but I cannot resist today's [more]

New Page – Video Resources

Ever wondered how our videos are arranged? Looking for online repositories of video art? Then check out the new Video Resources page on the Library's web site. It explains some of the methods to the madness of our video sections, as well as links to [more]