Theory and Undergraduate education…yes, it can happen….

As we move toward a discussion about college wide learning outcomes, the first one that pops into my mind is...critical thinking and writing.  To me, at some point this always means establishing a theoretical position and recognizing that it is one.  [more]

Artists and Designers as Agents of Change

by Parme Giuntini, Director of Art History, Otis College of Art and Design The annual AICAD conference on Artists and Designers as Agents of Change just wrapped up this past weekend and it met the most important factor on my internal conference [more]

Report from the AICAD Conference

by Parme Giuntini, Director of Art History In late October, I attended the annual AICAD (Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design) at the Pratt’s Manhattan campus. I didn’t do this alone; there was a veritable gang of Otis [more]

The Long Search

by David Bremer, Associate Professor, Liberal Arts and Sciences I recently participated in the annual conference on Liberal Arts and the Education of Artists at the School of Visual Arts. This year the topic was Art Education, Religion, and the [more]

Three Assessing Days in the O.C.

by Debra Ballard, Chair of Liberal Arts and Sciences Spending three days in Irvine with 140 other academics at a WASC workshop on assessment is not usually my idea of fun. The titles of the workshops did nothing to lead me to believe otherwise—“New [more]

Some reflections on the Role of Critical Theory in Arts Schools’ Liberal Arts Programs

by Adam Berg, Faculty L.A.S. I would like to offer some thoughts following my presentation of “Equivocating Aura: On Benjamin’s Essay on Mechanical Reproduction”, at the International Conference of Critical Theory, “Nostalgia for the Future”, at [more]