Phil Thompson’s Copyrights Project

Just read an interesting piece on the intersection of art, appropriation, copyright, digital images, museums, and made-to-order paintings: Google’s Copyright Policy Spawns Mega-Meta Art From China (Wired, 3 June 2013) [Phil Thompson's] project [more]

Crafting with Slides

Did you know that slides are great for crafting? Here are just a few ideas: Lamp shades - Very popular Curtains - For window, doors, wall hangings Bags -The Art to Go bag sells for $150 at the Getty Museum Store !!! Ornaments - I once [more]

Google Art Project, Updated

Last year, Google launched the Google Art Project. It now contains over 30,000 high-resolution images from over 150 collections, including LACMA and the Getty, in over 40 countries. More information: Announcement on the Google Blog Art Project on [more]

Google Art Project

Google has just released a new product, Google Art Project: It takes Google Maps Street View capabilities and brings them inside museums. You can wander around (select) galleries in the following museums: Alte [more]