Managing Comment Settings for e-Portfolios

New O-Space feature! You can now manage comment settings for an entire e-Portfolio. You can even apply these settings to all of your existing e-Portfolios. You can decide who may leave a comment on your e-portfolio - no one; other people in the [more]

Using Comments in a Capstone e-Portfolio

The original Spring 2012 Capstone e-Portfolio template was partially broken -- comments were only enabled on a couple of pages. Unfortunately, we did not find out about the problem until most of the e-portfolios were created. If you want to enable [more]

Students: How to Find Your Otis Email Address

Attention students! Since you log into Webmail using your Xnumber, you may not know your actual Otis email address. You need this email address for signing up for an Otis Blogosphere account as well as other services. Basic Syntax In general, your [more]

Otis Email Password Manager

Has this ever happened to you? You are at home and need to check your Otis Webmail, but you cannot remember that darn password. Good news - you no longer need to schlep to campus and find the right person to change it. Instead use the new Password [more]

WPMU Dev Plugins

As part of my job, I get to play around with plugins for the Otis Blogosphere. Slowly but surely, I am adding info about them in the main Help section. Today, though,  I'd like to tell you about one of the best repositories of plugins, WPMU DEV. We [more]