Theory and Undergraduate education…yes, it can happen….

As we move toward a discussion about college wide learning outcomes, the first one that pops into my mind is...critical thinking and writing.  To me, at some point this always means establishing a theoretical position and recognizing that it is one.  [more]

Convocation 2008

The following guidelines and recommendations are based on a presentation by Katie Phillips and Randy Lavender titled "Strategies for Teaching Millennial Students." The presentation introduced concepts and conclusions from current research in [more]

Pedagogy Visited-Exactly What is Teaching Excellence? (Part B)

by Randall Lavender, Professor & Associate Chair, Foundation Part A of this article (available here) discussed several myths that permeate college art and design teaching. Looking deeper at how we teach studio courses reveals certain methods [more]

Some reflections on the Role of Critical Theory in Arts Schools’ Liberal Arts Programs

by Adam Berg, Faculty L.A.S. I would like to offer some thoughts following my presentation of “Equivocating Aura: On Benjamin’s Essay on Mechanical Reproduction”, at the International Conference of Critical Theory, “Nostalgia for the Future”, at [more]

Pedagogy Visited: Exactly What Is Teaching Excellence? (Part A)

by Randall Lavender, Professor & Associate Chair, Foundation We all want to teach well. Yet, ironically, while we work hard toward that goal (and are quick to judge those who taught our students before us), most of us actually know too little [more]

A Professor’s Perspective on Virtual Worlds

by Heather Joseph-Witham, Ph.D. During the fall of 2006, I received a generous Fletcher Jones grant through the Otis College of Art and Design TLC (teaching and learning center) in order to take the time to delve into academic concepts regarding [more]