Trying out a newblog  theme: Imbalance. It works especially well for photoblogs. The front page is a grid of featured images. If your posts don't contain images, this is probably not the theme for you. Do have to activate 3 [more]

Embedding content from Facebook

Just testing a new plugin that allows you to share albums, events, notes, videos, and more from public Facebook pages. Alas, personal photo albums are not embeddable. How it works - activate the "Embed Facebook" plugin, then paste in the URL of the [more]


Twitter Tools isn't working so well with the new Blogs. Grrr. Here are two other options for adding a twitter feed to your sidebar: RSS widget in sidebar Add a RSS widget Copy the URL into the box for RSS feed, e.g. [more]

testing sitewide tags from VRC

please ignore. just trying out the sitewide tags updated to see if works.  ignore. [more]