Media Viewer in the Classroom

There is a new way to view OtisDID slideshows on the web (and in the Smart Classrooms) - use the MediaViewer. Why use the MediaViewer instead of the web-based Slideshow Viewer? Mimics the desktop-based ImageViewer software Works on Mac [more]

Logging into O-Space

Dear Otis Community, There was a problem with logging into O-Space this morning. The login links from were not going to the correct login page at [more]

O-Space Feature: Course e-Portfolios

In Summer and Fall 2011, lots of new features and tweaks were added to O-Space. This it the first post in a series introducing some of the changes. Let's start with the best new feature - course e-portfolios. You can now share e-portfolios with [more]

FF Plugin: Screen Capture Elite

Whenever I have to get screenshots of a web pageĀ  (for a presentation, a blog post, error messages), I use a Mac. I love the Grab software, especially the hot keys. With the Screen Capture Elite plug-in for Firefox, though, I can do most of it on my [more]


Just came across an online whiteboard service called DabbleBoard: With the FREE account, you can create mindmaps, flowcharts, doodles, mark-up images by yourself or with others. Images can be downloaded as PNGs. Like many [more]


Twitter Tools isn't working so well with the new Blogs. Grrr. Here are two other options for adding a twitter feed to your sidebar: RSS widget in sidebar Add a RSS widget Copy the URL into the box for RSS feed, e.g. [more]