Tote Bag workshop

Check out the results of our Tote Bag workshop last Friday! 2 hours = 2 colors using the quick method of paper stencil silkscreen! Cut out a design from freezer paper or newsprint, tape it to your screen and and print! It’s that simple. Our students did these for fun and also to swap in the upcoming Good Exchange, coming up next week where students swap work and products. Download an informational pdf on how to make hand-cut paper stencil silkscreen here: paper stencil

Our happy toters



First iron the tote for a smooth print

Applying the stencil to the screen.











Action shot of printing

The letters are stamped on this one with silkscreen ink but the books are printed.



























  1. Marianne Killackey says:

    Nance, I wanna come to one of your workshops! The totes are awesome (LOVE the book bag- my fave!) Beautiful work!

    • Nancy Haselbacher says:

      Glad you enjoyed it-the students worked hard. Come anytime, Marianne- I think it’s about time you guys headed west for a visit!