A Lady Forgot One of Her Monotypes, Partially Lonesome….

I loved this article about 10 year-old Anastasia Rodimina (now the youngest inventor in Russia ousting an 11 year old boy) in Moscow patenting her own printmaking method in Russia. Apparently she left a monoprint on a windowsill partially covered and sunlight faded the uncovered areas.  She is calling it “energoinformation monotyping”.   She wants to invent a game using this method to help children to develop their imagination. Both a neurology hospital (for art therapy) and an advertising agency are interested in using her technology. All I can say is “You go, girl!”.

What I also love about this is when I was looking for more info about her or a maybe a picture, I came across this article on the Times of News, translated to English rather sloppily, but evoking a whole other melancholy aspect to the story.

To quote a few of the choice translations by the Times of News…

“A ten year old Moscow lady has turn Russia’s youngest contriver after she law her possess print-making method”

“The find was done incidentally when a lady forgot one of her monotypes, partially lonesome by a square of paper, on a windowsill. She eventually detected that nonetheless ink on many of a design has faded, colours remained unblushing underneath a square of paper, formulating a singular pattern.”

“Relatives prounouced a neurology sanatorium has voiced seductiveness in an invention, that it skeleton to use as a partial of art therapy.”

Here’s the article on IBN Live ( grammatically correct)
and on the Times of News ( excerpts above)

The translated copy is makes it all even more interesting and seems to reflect the whole method of the ‘”copy” and the beautiful translations and accidents that occur from printmaking.

And here she is!